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DAS Homes is a residential and commercial design and build company. We have been serving our community here in the Sacramento Valley for over 25 years. Our mission is to deliver a service that is unmatched while delivering a valued product. DAS Homes specializes in residential custom home design and builds but also does land development and commercial buildings. In 1998, DAS began developing land and building residential subdivisions. More recently, we are very excited to announce DAS Homes has been working hard to bring a few modern infill affordable housing communities in downtown Woodland. Here at DAS Homes, we will always be a residential building team first but remain excited for new and creative opportunities.


General Contractor

I grew up in the small town of Winters, California, working under my father who was a contractor. I later became project manager where I learned everything I know today about construction. At age 32, I created my own residential building corporation, DAS Homes.  This is where I began building custom homes, apartments, town homes and infill developments. I survived the housing market crash in 2008 and today have returned to my roots and am focusing on custom home construction.

         My focus is delivering excellent designs that transcends time.  I value listening to my client’s vision and providing feedback to guide our clients to their dream home. I an open to working with clients, big or small, and happy to make an positive impact


Office Manager

I've had the privilege of working alongside my husband, Dave Snow, for more than two decades.  Over the years, I've enjoyed building relationships with all our wonderful clients and subcontractors, who've joined us in the building process.  I enjoy working with seasoned designers over the years, and Dave encourages me to use my design skills when needed. I find the design process to be a satisfying, and creative space for me. I feel very fortunate that our business is built around family, and serving the community.


Lupe Springer

Real estate

Homestead 360 Real Estate 
420 College Street
Woodland, CA  95695

Phone:(530) 908-3419

John Snow


Work Horse Construction, inc.
1310 West Street
Woodland, CA  95695

Phone:(916) 801-4082

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